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Altree submitted a second proposal, without any meaningful changes to address the community concerns. In addition, they filed an appeal to take the proposal to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT), bypassing the normal municipal process and further avoiding community feedback and concerns. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are hiring professionals (planner, lawyer) to represent the community and to ensure a reasonable approach to development. Please donate NOW to help ensure tenants are not displaced, building size and density are reasonable, community streets and crossings remain safe, infrastructure is sufficient to support the building and to protect the Bluffs.

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Altree Development is proposing a massive 12 storey condo on the south side of Kingston Rd. between Lakeside Ave. + Birchcliff Ave. and encroaching onto Birchcliff Ave. by re-zoning 2 houses. It's just bad planning! It would encompass the entire city block and displace 33 families who currently reside in affordable rentals at Lenmore Court.



Families in affordable rental housing informed in the middle of a pandemic and would be displaced during an affordable housing crisis Toronto.

Tenants' rights must be protected with  a full plan for compensation.

Altree needs to apply for a permit for  Demolition of a Rental property and provide a replacement for a rental for tenants. Their proposed replacement unit has not been built yet.


Storeys proposed (35.5m high). The Kingston Road frontage is zoned for 4-6 storeys (20m high).  

It's WAY too big, doesn't fit with the character of the neighborhood and contradicts the Kingston Rd. Revitalization Plan.

Altree needs a Zoning By-law Amendment to build greater than 6 storeys.


​There are no condos greater than 6 storeys on the south side of Kingston Rd  corridor.


Single Family Residential Homes on Birchcliff Ave. to be re-zoned from Residential zoning to make room for this massive condo

It is a direct contravention to the City's Official Plan to encroach into a protected interior neighborhood.

Altree needs an Official Plan Amendment to turn 2 Single Family Residential 

homes in "Neighborhoods" designation into "Mixed Use Areas" for  Condos and a Driveway.


​This has never been approved before along the Kingston Rd  corridor and would set an extremely bad precedent for neighbourhoods.


Condo units; 

134 one bed,

100 two bed,

25 three bed

5 live/ work units


​Parking Spaces

Increased congestion + conflict points w/ condo driveway for 271 cars across from a 52 unit townhouse driveway on a small street.

Altree needs to provide the city with a traffic study. The study submitted was done in 2018 and does not take into effect the 52 unit townhouses across the street.


​Kingston Rd. is already a mess with too much traffic moving too fast. Spillover traffic will flow right into the small neighbourhood without sidewalks.

1. NO DISPLACEMENT OF LENMORE COURT TENANTS - protect our neighbours at Lenmore court and fight for their right to remain right here at 1615-1641 Kingston Road in Birch Cliff Village in permanent and affordable rental housing. 

2. STOP ENCROACHMENT AND REZONING OF RESIDENTIAL STREETS - Do not allow rezoning of residential homes on Birchcliff Ave. to allow for encroachment. It’s not appropriate for this neighbourhood and it will set a bad precedent. 

3. LIMIT DENSITY, WIDTH, AND HEIGHT OF ANY DEVELOPMENT - Limit density and keep height to between 4-6 storeys at maximum to ensure compatibility of any Birch Cliff development, the proposed building is 2 x bigger than it should be (see Kingston Road Revitalization Plan).

4. PROTECT SAFE TRAFFIC FLOW & SCHOOL INTERSECTIONS - any traffic flow from new developments in Birch Cliff must flow safely onto Kingston Rd and be designed to prevent dangerous traffic flows onto neighbouring side streets, at school intersections, etc.